Painkiller is a first-person shooter video game released on April 12, 2004. Developed by Polish game studio People can fly and published by Dreamcatcher Interactive. It is notable for its use Havok 2.0 physics engine extensively.

Painkiller is inspired by such classic titles as Quake and Doom, with the emphasis on killing large numbers of monsters. The game is divided into five chapters, each about five levels long. In Painkiller the player’s objective is to get through each level, from start to finish, by slaughtering hundreds of monsters. One of the game’s most important aspects is its diversity. Each level presents a new location with various themes and art styles.

Painkiller ScreenShots:

Painkiller ScreenShot 001

Painkiller ScreenShot 003

Painkiller ScreenShot 002

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Processor : 1.5 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon CPU
RAM: 384 MB
CD-ROM/DVD-ROM: 8X speed
Hard Drive Space: 1.2 GB available
Video Card: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 card with hardware Transform & Lighting support (NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS or better)
Sound: DirectX 8.1b or better compatible
Input: Keyboard and mouse

Recommended System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor
RAM: 512 MB
CD-ROM/DVD-ROM: 8X speed
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX 9 card, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 or better
Sound: DirectX 8.1b or better compatible
Input: Keyboard and mouse

1. Mount the “dev-pk1.bin” (using deamon tools)
2. install the game, When it asks for serial use the Key-Gen in the deviance folder.(in the CD)
3. Crack the game by replacing “Engine.dll” with the one in the game dir. (\painkiller\bin)
4. Play!

Painkiller Download Link:

File Size: 2.14 GiB Gigs
File Format: Image Files
Painkiller Free Download

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