Myst III: Exile

Myst III: Exile is a first person adventure video game and the third title in the Myst game series. Whereas previous games in the series, Myst and Riven, produced by Cyan and published by Broderbund, Exile was developed by Presto Studios and published by Ubisoft. Myst III: Exile was released on four compact discs for both Macintosh and Windows PCs on May 7, 2001. Versions for Xbox and PlayStation 2 were released in late 2002.

As in previous games, the player assumes the role of the Stranger, a friend of Atrus. A tribesman D’ni, Atrus can create links to other worlds called Ages by writing descriptive books. In exile, Atrus has written an era for the D’ni to live while rebuilding their culture; Stolen, however, by a mysterious figure. The Stranger pursues the thief in an attempt to reclaim the Atrus’ book.

Myst III: Exile ScreenShots:

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Myst III: Exile Minimum Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME
Pentium II 233MHz or K6-2 300Mhz Processor
200MB Hard Disk Space
8MB DirectX-compatible Video Card
DirectX-compatible Sound Card
4X CD-ROM Drive
640×480 Display
3D Acceleration Optional

Includes 3 DVD ISOs:
MYST: Masterpiece Edition
RIVEN: The Sequel to Myst

Mount DVD ISOs, install, play; don’t know if a NO DVD patch is necessary.

Myst III: Exile Download Link:

File Size: 8.48 Gigs
File Format: ISO
MYST: 10th Anniversary Edition Free Download

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