Diablo: Hellfire

Diablo: Hellfire is an action hack and slash role-playing game and the expansion pack for the video game Diablo produce by Sierra On-Line. Diablo: Hellfire was released in 1997 and developed by Synergistic Software.

Diablo: Hellfire is a single-player expansion to Diablo. While there are some multi-player modes that can be unlocked, Hellfire can not be played online gaming service Battle.net of Blizzard, and the changes will not take online characters. However, this extension does not provide many new features such as a single-player game, and also has nothing to do with the user’s ability to play even the Diablo service of Blizzard.

Diablo: Hellfire ScreenShots:

Diablo Hellfire Image 01

Diablo Hellfire Image 02

Diablo Hellfire Image 03

Diablo Hellfire Image 04

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 95/NT
Pentium 60MHz Processor
150MB Hard Disk Space
Windows-compatible Sound Card w/DAC
SVGA Video Card

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium 90MHz Processor

Note: The download link will redirect you to a page where you can get Diablo 1 + HellFire Expansion in just one download…

Diablo: Hellfire Download Link:

File Size: 1.18 Gigs
File Format: Image
Diablo + Hellfire Free Download

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